In 2004 RHENAC started as a management buy-out of the Moeller Group and a manufacturer of electronic components, e.g. for the electrical and automotive industry. But for the company founder Horst Theisen the supplier business offered too little potential in development.

In 2010 he therefore decided to invest in the rapidly developing LED market. In the area of artificial plant lighting, mainly high-pressure sodium lamps or fluorescent tubes were used at that time, with considerable energy demand and high levels of heat dissipation. There have been first attempts with LED lighting, but the results were more or less determined by chance. By contrast, RHENAC relied on scientific support from the Technical University Munich in the development of lighting systems. In multi-year research projects the scientists demonstrated that such LED systems developed by RHENAC not only significantly improve the quality of the lighting, but also reduce the energy input.

Today RHENAC GreenTec AG has a market-leading position in the field of plant growth lighting. Many of the RHENAC systems are patented and the field of application extends from the climate chamber in research institutes to the turf in the football arenas.


  • Research cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
  • Research cooperation on sports turf with the test farm Dürnast of the Technical University of Munich
  • Member of the German Sports Turf Society
  • Co-branding partnership with OSRAM OPTO Semiconductor
  • Cooperation with the COB-LED manufacturer Citizen
  • Member of Bayern Photonics e.V.
  • Member of the Association of Vertical Farming