LED lighting systems

RHENAC GreenTec AG develops and produces innovative LED lighting systems for a wide range of applications such as plant research and production, care systems for lawn sports facilities and flexible lighting in architecture.

All systems are modular and can be adapted to the individual requirements of our customers and the latest technologies. Our services range from consultation and planning of a project, the development and manufacturing of lighting systems to commissioning at the customers site. The energy-efficient LED lighting technology, which is constantly developed further with scientific support, makes a sustainable contribution to energy saving and thus contributes to CO2 – and cost reduction.

Rhenac Bio LED

light system for plant research and production

We supply LED light systems for plant research and production as well as for closed cultivation systems used in indoor and urban farming.

The spectral distribution, exposure intensity and structural dimensions of the products can be adapted exactly to the customer’s needs.

Rhenac Sports LED

care systems for grass sports facilities

Our LED lighting systems offer new perspectives for green keeping in football stadiums and other grass-based sports facilities.

With lawn care systems using LED and UVC light, the lawn can be regenerated in light-poor arenas as well as in the dark winter months. Since 2013 the effects of LED light and climate on the development of various types of lawn have been investigated in cooperation with the Technical University Munich. The results of this research are continuously incorporated into the further technology development.

Rhenac Flux LED

architectural lighting

RHENAC GreenTec’s lighting technology applications and control systems enable interactive, dynamic light installations on buildings as well as indoors.

The FluxLed controllers can process sensor data for lighting control and therefore enable adaptive lighting scenarios according to environmental data such as temperature change, wind speed, natural light or motion. All system components are compatible with devices from other manufacturers and can be used together or individually as required.