LabLed – LED light for plant research and production

Light duration, light intensity and the different parts of the light spectrum are the decisive factors for the growth and development of plants. The LED lighting systems developed and produced by RHENAC regulate and control the light composition and intensity as well as the lighting duration according to the requirements of our customers in the field of plant research and production.

New perspectives for plant production

Sustainable efficiency gains in plant production can be realized with LED plant growth lighting.

In addition to germination, growth or flowering, the concentration of compounds that are important for the healing effect or the special taste of plants, is influenced by the light.

Depending on the application, the spectral distribution, illuminance and structural dimensions of the lighting systems can be assembled according to the user’s requirements. The LED plant lamps allow optimal results in multi-layer cultivation, tissue culture and also during storage.

The modernization of greenhouses with LED plant light pays off several times. LED grow light significantly reduces the consumption of resources and therefore the costs. From a production engineering point of view, LED technology offers significantly improved conditions for plant breeding and the production of crops, as lighting conditions in the greenhouse can be precisely controlled. As a result, the growth of plants and the development of secondary metabolites are specifically influenced.

New perspectives for plant production

Phyto-Container: The mobile climate chamber

Advances in plant research

RHENAC GreenTec AG supplies research facilities in Germany and abroad. Our product range extends from simple LED lighting systems to fully equipped and fully automated climate chamber systems with climate and daylight simulations.

The Phytotron chambers, equipped with high-performance LED lighting systems, e.g. at the Biozentrum of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) and the Vienna Bio Center (VBC) in Vienna, enable reproducible lighting scenarios for physiological investigations. The availability of daylight-like and variable spectra with low heat radiation is the key advantage over conventional fluorescent tubes or metal halide lamps, which emit only a few lines of visible light but a significant amount of heat. Greenhouses as well as climate chambers, which used to be equipped with conventional lighting systems, can be converted to LED lighting systems. Modernized phytotrons thus provide the opportunity to accurately simulate natural environmental conditions in terms of light, temperature and humidity, and to study the growth and development of plants under these conditions.

Energy-saving potential

In the recent years LED lighting systems have been significantly improved in terms of luminous efficacy and brightness as well as efficiency and longevity.

Compared to conventional bulbs, they are a cost effective alternative. By converting from conventional lighting systems to LED lighting systems, significant energy savings can be realized. Plant production companies and research institutions can save resources and improve their carbon footprint. This also has a positive effect on their operating result due to lower operating costs.

Everything from one source

RHENAC GreenTec AG realizes projects from planning to ready-to-use handover to the customer.

We accompany our customers from the first consultation to the completion of the project. If necessary, we work together with strong partners across all industries. RHENAC GreenTec AG is the customer’s point of contact for LED lighting, electro mechanics and automation. Together with the customers, we first determine the individual needs and requirements. On this basis, a customized LED system with individual control and regulation solutions is developed and produced.

The systems we develop are easy to assemble, very user friendly and low maintenance. Our complementary construction kit enables the realization of individual system solutions. The modules can be used in a flexible way: individual components can be used in climate chambers, in a propagation room or completely stand-alone. The products are strictly reusable.
In addition, each system can be expanded progressively and adapted to the state of the art. Because we work exclusively with premium manufacturers, we guarantee a consistent product quality.

Produkte und Beleuchtungsmodule


The mobile climate chamber
  • mobile plant growth chamber, usable at any location and ready for immediate use
  • equipped with LED lighting systems that allow the simulation of sunlight and the individual composition of different light spectra from 380 mm to 730 mm
  • continuous fresh air supply from 0 to 150 m³ / hour with allergy and pollen filter
  • humidification and dehumidification as well as gassing
  • partitioning up to six separate research zones with different light intensities possible
  • connecting power 20 kilowatts
  • remote monitoring and control possible

Product Line R-MU

Mobile LED Rack
  • mobile LED light shelf system with sun-like light spectrum for plant cultivation in greenhouses or climatic chambers
  • height adjustable plant level (25 mm grid)
  • variable light spectrum in the photosynthetic active area around 395 and 750 nm with a photon flux density of 500 µmol / m² s
  • master function for proportional dimming of selected wavelength configuration
  • Power supply 230V
  • width: 1320 mm, height: 1684 mm, depth: 700 mm


climate cabinet
  • Light intensity up to 1000 μmol / m² s
  • active programmable cooling
  • intraday light scenarios possible through multi-channel control
  • wavelength ranges individually dimmable
  • interior volume approx. 850 l
  • temperature range: 10 – 45 ° C
  • relative humidity range : 50-85%
  • light spectrum 440 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm, 3000 K white


light shelf module


R-LMR-3001 to 3006

  • LED light system for research and production in the two standard dimensions 1330 mm x 740 mm x 80 mm and 1630 mm x 740 mm x 80 mm
  • adjustable 2-channel system with red / blue peak 440 nm / 660 nm or 3,000 Kelvin – 6,500 Kelvin
  • total intensity dimmable, setting directly at the module

R-LMR-5001 / R-LMR-5002

  • For light ceilings or light racks
  • Power approx. 1000 W, passively cooled via aluminum heat sink,
  • Intensity: μmol / m² s at 800 mm
  • 6 channels: 400 nm – 445 nm – 660 nm -730 nm – 2 x 3000 K, individually adjustable
  • 54 V central power supply , IP65
  • LED rows individually rotatable to optimize the direction of light emission

R-LML-1000 / R-LML-1001

  • plant level continuously height adjustable
  • control unit for variable light for propagation of seedlings, configurable light composition


plant production module
  • PWM dimmable 2-channel technology, spectrum 440 nm and 660 nm
  • protection class IP 65, power 120 W, 48 V, operation with central power supply unit (TDK)
  • active cooling, aluminum support plate with tuned cooling circuit


LED production module
  • LED lighting system for research and production with 30 OSRAM LEDs (24 x red and 6 x blue), individually dimmable
  • Degree of protection IP65, aluminum housing, PMMA cover, 1.5 m cable length
  • power 60 W 24 V, beam angle 80°



test cabinet module
  • LED lighting system for research and production with 30 OSRAM LEDs (24 x red and 6 x blue), each individually dimmable
  • protection class IP65, aluminum housing, PMMA cover, 1.5 m cable length
  • power 60 W 24 V, dimmable
  • installation suspended attached or aligned
LED plant spot


  • sunlight analog LED light spectrum for research and plant production
  • light spectra individually customized: 400 nm, 445 nm, 530 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm, 3000 Kelvin, 6-channel driver for individual control, programmable in
  • conjunction with DMX control unit
  • suspended installation possible
  • 160W, 50 ° beam angle, IP 65

R-VG-2000 bis 2004

  • sunlight analog LED light spectrum for research and plant production
  • light spectra individually customized: 400 nm, 445 nm, 530 nm, 660 nm, 730 nm, 3000 Kelvin, 6-channel driver for individual control, programmable in
  • conjunction with DMX control unit
  • suspended installation possible
  • 50 ° beam angle, IP 65

R-LMT-1000 LED unit - table structure

  • Passively cooled, data display
  • light intensity up to approx. 250 μmol / m² s
  • spectra through multi-channel control adjustable: 400 nm, 440 nm, 3000 K white, 660 nm
  • integrated timer function, master function for proportional storage of the wave spectrum composition

R-GU-1000 to 1002 LED Green Unit

  • Beam angle: 50 °
  • 3-channel system, 400 nm, 440 nm, 660 nm and additional infrared heating unit
  • LED power: max. 320 W
  • Infrared heating power: 1000 watts
  • 100 μmol / m² s at 1500 mm distance
  • optional: intelligent control of heating power by infrared measurement


  • Light strip 33 watt
  • 1-channel, white midpower LED 3000 – 6500 K
  • length 1340 mm, width 20 mm, weight 130 g
  • cable length 1.5 m
  • dimmable, 3050 lm luminous flux
  • strips screwed

R-GHF-1001 / R-GHF-1002

  • LED plant spotlight with sunlight analog spectrum to supplement shaded areas or as additional light
  • 2 to 4 x 25 W COB – plant light COB with spectrum blue / red (440 nm and 630 nm)
  • IP 65, wide beam, optionally dimmable